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Welcome to www.hittinthenote.com! Here you can find everything from our quarterly music magazine Hittin' the Note to exclusive and hard to find CDs, DVDs, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, kidswear, posters, stickers, books, coffee mugs and other merchandise from your favorite artists. We always strive to give you the best...because music matters!

The last day we will take orders is Friday, February 12, 2016. Items are selling out fast so please don’t wait until then to place your order!

 Tedeschi Trucks Band - Let Me Get By 

 Hittin’ the Final Notes 

Hittin' the Note – an expression of joy. The original band used this term to describe that moment in time when the music, musicians and audience united…when the soul was moved to experience joy through the power of music.

In the spring of 1992 Kirk West, Ron Currens, Bill Ector and Joe Bell started Hittin' the Note magazine as a way for Allman Brothers Band fans to unite and share in the joy of this music. It was a simple, black & white, 16 page newsletter and our cover story for issue #1 was First There is a Mountain - one of the best we ever published.

Over time we became a color magazine, got into Tower Records, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Books a Million and countless other independent retailers. As the internet blossomed we began our website and grew the merchandise line. We started touring with the band and setting up at all of the concerts and festivals. Along the way we met you and it felt like a family whenever we got together.

In 1997 we incorporated and hired Pete Sienkiewicz as our first employee. Pete and Chris King (our second employee) did an admirable job in holding down the fort through those early lean times. John Lynskey joined us as our Editor on HTN #17 and his stellar talents added immensely to the magazine. Jeff Faith, Lindsey Rogers and Terry Bradley were our Art Directors through the years. Terry was especially adept at creating that authentic psychedelic feel to the magazine and his creativity helped the magazine look its best from issue #66 through #85.

Circa 2000
Out Front – Lizzy, Kirk and Kirsten’s Jack Russell
Front Row, left to right: John Lynskey, Kirk West, Blue dog, Pete Sienkiewicz
Second Row: Kirsten West, Joe Bell, Chris King
Back Row: Bill Ector, Jeff Faith, Chris Patras, Ian Lee, Glenn White

In our wildest dreams we never would have imagined all of the incredible experiences that would take place over this 23 year journey. Back when we started this none of us had gray hair, if we had children they were in diapers. Now the kids are out on their own, the hair is gray (or gone) and we are starting to wind down what has been a major part of our lives. After 23 years of helping found, fund, volunteer and work for HTN, Joe and Vicky Bell are ready to retire; Kirk West has been working on his Gallery and pictorial book and John Lynskey had a major promotion that has taken away much of his free time.

As a result our current issue, HTN #85, is our last. We had hoped to publish one more magazine but family issues and a lack of time have caused those hopes to fade. We want to be as honorable as possible to our valued subscribers. Any issues that you have remaining can be converted into credits towards the purchase of any merchandise we have left. We will either e-mail you or send you a letter indicating how much of a credit you have. Or, if you order something, put a note in the order that you are a subscriber and we will issue you the appropriate credit. We also promised those that pre-ordered the Gregg Allman Live: Back to Macon a free digital issue of HTN#86. Given that issue will not be published, those who pre-ordered are welcome to a free digital copy of any other issue. Please bear with us as we figure out a way to accomplish this. Obviously, if we have a huge volume of phone calls we will not be able to keep up. Let’s try to make this happen via e-mails if at all possible.

Regarding the future of the merchandise portion of our business – we hope to move this to the Big House in the New Year. That may or may not happen. Either way, we will be working towards reducing our inventory as we wrap up the business. So, if there is an item you want, you should purchase it now as we will not be re-ordering items that go out of stock.

It is so hard for us to let go of something that has been such a big portion of our lives. It gave us immense pleasure to be able to create items for you that we ourselves wanted as fans. It caused us substantial frustration to not be able to deliver some products that we knew you wanted. Hopefully those things will happen in the future. Thank you for being with us on this incredible journey!


The Staff at Hittin’ the Note
 Wanee 2016 

 January 8, 2016 - Friday Update 

There is no better artwork than the Eat a Peach album cover and the inside artwork to bring back the feeling of the seventies!

As a thank you to our customers, we are offering these two favorites at half off!

 Peach Festival 2016 

 January 5, 2016 - Tuesday Update 

In terms of closing down, we hope to have everything wrapped up by the end of this month; It's not a hard date, just an estimate. We will be sending magazine subscribers an update on their credits within a few days. We will also be sending info out soon to those that pre-ordered Gregg Allman’s Back to Macon, GA release - regarding their free download of a past issue of HTN.

Today we are releasing for sale five 2014 Complete Box Sets. These are units we held back to take care of damaged shipments. Click here for more info.

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Allman Brothers Band

Boston Common 8/17/71
Allman Brothers Band

Nassau Coliseum 5/1/73
Allman Brothers Band

Macon, GA 2/11/72
Allman Brothers Band

Stony Brook, NY 9/19/71
Allman Brothers Band

American University 12/13/70

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