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Scott Sawyer - Go There
Featuring Oteil and Kofi Burbridge!
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Guitarist Scott Sawyer has been active on the North Carolina jazz scene for the last 20 years, but his musical roots are rock and blues. With a little help from some very talented friends, Scott has released Go There, a wonderful collection of 11 instrumentals that capture the full range of his abilities.

Scott's playing is a blend of Jack Pearson's nimble touch and Ronnie Earl's warm tone, and both are displayed throughout.  With the Burbridge Brothers backing him - Oteil on bass, Kofi on B-3 organ and flute - Go There flow nicely from one track to the next.

The album opens with George Harrison's "Taxman" which starts with some tasteful organ swells and Oteil's brooding bass line, before giving way to Scott's ascending solo and nice wah-wah effects. "Slow Dance" is a somber blues tune, "Slow Down, Freight Train" evokes a smoky jazz club after midnight and "In the Stream" flows out of the speakers.   "Going ... Going ... Gone" is filled with Scott's edgy fretwork, a nice organ run by Kofi, and drummer Kenny Soule's backbeat holding it all together. The band follows Oteil's thumping bass through the Middle-Eastern flavored "Dark Lady," releasing some relentless energy at just the right moment - leave it to the Burbridge Brothers to shake things up and yet focus intensely on the rhythym and melody! Then on "I Wish You Would," Scott tips his hat to John McLaughlin before the powerful blues-rocker "Go Home" closes things out with a flourish.

1.   Taxman   4:58
2.   5-Spot   4:54
3.   Royal & Canal   5:39
4.   Slow Dance   8:25
5.   AR   7:10
6.   Slow Down, Freight Train   6:54
7.   In the Stream   5:04
8.   Dark Lady   8:22
9.   Going ... Going ... Gone   3:59
10.  I Wish You Would   10:29
11.  Go Home   5:38

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