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 HTN #83 

Seasons come and go, even as they grow more unpredictable, and the years pass us by in the blink of an eye. But there is one constant you can count on – Hittin' the Note will always be there, providing coverage of the music that truly matters. Issue #83 kicks off with HTN's commemoration of Gov't Mule's 20th anniversary. Founding members Warren Haynes and Matt Abts spoke at great length about the formation of the power trio and the early years of struggle, perseverance, initial success and then the devastating loss of bassist Allen Woody. Matt and Warren had so much to say that we're running this feature over two issues – there is insight aplenty about Gov't Mule, and it is knowledge fer yer ass, no doubt. Jack Pearson plays guitar so beautifully yet so effortlessly it appears that he's not even trying. One listen to his fluid runs down the fretboard, however, and you'll know the man has spent years honing his craft. The former Allman Brother sat down for a conversation with HTN's Brian Robbins, and it was a chat that mirrored Jack's playing: simple and understated, but just like the notes from his guitar, not one word was wasted. Devon Allman has spent his career making his music his way. Being the son of Gregg Allman is something that Devon is proud of, but he clearly is his own man. After stints with Honeytribe and Royal Southern Brotherhood, Devon recently released an outstanding solo album, Ragged & Dirty, which he recorded in Chicago in order to capture the essence of the blues. As he noted to Frank Etheridge, Devon Allman is at good place in his life and his career, and he couldn't be happier. Click here for full Editor’s notes.

 Eat A Peach Art Posters 

For many years fans have requested posters of the Eat A Peach album covers as well as the incredible inside psychedelic artwork. We finally have them available for you on lithographic prints! The colors on these new posters are vibrant and intense and turned out even better than we expected! A computer screen simply does not do them justice. Please click here for more information and to order.

 The Allman Brothers Band - Beacon Theatre, October 2014 

The six shows at this venerable old theatre were a bittersweet goodbye to fans of this 45 year old, Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame band. Coming from all over the world to hear the magic brought out one last time by these 7 stellar musicians, no one left disappointed. Each performance created a very special feeling between the band and its audience, even more so than normal, as we all knew the end was near.

It was very evident that the fans were giving all of their love back to this band after every song. For the whole run the theatre was in unison as fans loudly sang along to their favorite songs. You could see the band visibly reaching deep inside themselves to give it everything they had, every song, every night. They came out with a focus and determination to leave it all on the stage and they succeeded magnificently, as they always have.

The Brothers played Will the Circle Be Unbroken throughout the run. A sentiment that seemed to say that their legacy will live on through the music they created and from all of the musicians and fans they have inspired through the years. Check out each night’s set list, show description and purchase by clicking here. The road does indeed go on forever...

 Allman Brothers Band - Aluminum ‘Shrooms 

During the Brother’s 45th anniversary year they had some very cool mushrooms hanging over the stage. We had so many inquiries about them that we contacted the manufacturer and had some made for the fans. They aren’t inexpensive but they look very cool. Check ‘em out by clicking here.

 Tommy Talton – Until After Then - New studio CD Released October 28th  

We think Tommy Talton has written some of the best music of his career on this upcoming release. He is at his finest when reflecting on life, love and social issues. As a wordsmith his lyrics are as timeless as the melodies he creates. As a guitarist he has an exquisite sound that is totally his own. While many of his songs go deep and are reflective, he is not above bawdy humor on occasion. Listen to the lyrics well and you will pick up on some of the cleverness that is ever present but usually understated.

The 11 original songs on this album are each unique - different time signatures, different keys, different genres of musical styles - but they all have that down home Talton sound. It's a real pleasure listening to Tommy's excursions - from his home base of Southern roots music to Sgt. Pepperish Beatles to country into raw, Zeppelin type surf music (did I just write that? What until you hear this surprising tune!) - these songs are wonderful gifts to be enjoyed time and again. Classic Talton!

All pre-orders will receive a very special extra download on the Release Date. Please visit this link to hear a complete streaming track for free and for more info!

 HTN Show Review - Gregg Allman: Hard Rock Live  

The Allman Brothers Band may be history, but for Gregg Allman, the road goes on forever. The living legend kicked off a tour leg near Cleveland in Northfield, OH, on March 13, 2015, at the Hard Rock Live inside the Hard Rock Rocksino Northfield Park. The near-capacity audience at the fifteen-song, ninety-minute show was treated to a solid set consisting mostly of Allman Brothers Band favorites as well as solo material and covers.Allman spent most of his time behind his Hammond B-3 organ while stepping out front a few times to strap on an electric or acoustic guitar. Eight stellar musicians comprised his backing band: guitarist Scott Sharrard, keyboardist Peter Levin, percussionist Marc Quinones (Allman's longtime Allman Brothers Band cohort), bass guitarist Ron Johnson, saxophonist Jay Collins, saxophonist Art Edmaiston, trumpeter Marc Franklin and drummer Steve Potts. All of them got the chance to bask in the spotlight - Sharrard, Levin, Quinones, Collins, Edmaiston and Franklin in particular. The band strolled onto the darkened stage to some tasty blues and Allman announced the first song as being “about a place in Georgia” as they launched “Statesboro Blues,” the Blind Willie McTell cover from 1971’s At Fillmore East. As the rear screen scrolled through photos of various blues legends, the band ripped through the tune with Levin, Edmaiston and Sharrard enjoying solos; the horns certainly added a lot of flavor. Click HERE for the full review!

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