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Allman Brothers Band
45th Anniversary
Afghan Throw

Allman Brothers Band
45th Anniversary
Travel Tumbler

Brothers in Paradise

Alan Paul's
One Way Out

Allman Brothers Band
Eat A Peach Puzzle

Allman Brothers Brand
Barbeque Sauce
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 Eat A Peach Art Posters 

For many years fans have requested posters of the Eat A Peach album covers as well as the incredible inside psychedelic artwork. We finally have them available for you on lithographic prints! The colors on these new posters are vibrant and intense and turned out even better than we expected! A computer screen simply does not do them justice. Please click here for more information and to order.

 The Allman Brothers Band - Beacon Theatre, October 2014 

The six shows at this venerable old theatre were a bittersweet goodbye to fans of this 45 year old, Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame band. Coming from all over the world to hear the magic brought out one last time by these 7 stellar musicians, no one left disappointed. Each performance created a very special feeling between the band and its audience, even more so than normal, as we all knew the end was near.

It was very evident that the fans were giving all of their love back to this band after every song. For the whole run the theatre was in unison as fans loudly sang along to their favorite songs. You could see the band visibly reaching deep inside themselves to give it everything they had, every song, every night. They came out with a focus and determination to leave it all on the stage and they succeeded magnificently, as they always have.

The Brothers played Will the Circle Be Unbroken throughout the run. A sentiment that seemed to say that their legacy will live on through the music they created and from all of the musicians and fans they have inspired through the years. Check out each night’s set list, show description and purchase by clicking here. The road does indeed go on forever...

 October 2014 Beacon Merchandise 

 Allman Brothers Band - Aluminum ‘Shrooms 

During the Brother’s 45th anniversary year they had some very cool mushrooms hanging over the stage. We had so many inquiries about them that we contacted the manufacturer and had some made for the fans. They aren’t inexpensive but they look very cool. Check ‘em out by clicking here.

 HTN #82 

Summer has faded away and the kids are back in school, but coverage of the music you love continues unabated at Hittin’ the Note. Issue # 82 contains in-depth features on some of your favorite artists - several of them are Hall of Famers, while others are members of the next generation - but they all create music that matters.

It’s hard to improve on something that is considered to be the greatest of all time, but it is certainly special when you can add something to it. That is the case with At Fillmore East, the iconic live album from the Allman Brothers Band. Released in 1971, Fillmore East sets the standard by which all live performance presentations are measured. Now with the issuing of The 1971 Fillmore East Recordings the original album has been expanded to include all four sets of music the ABB played on March 12 and 13, 1971, as well as the group’s June 27, 1971, appearance at the closing of Bill Graham’s venerable East Village theatre. As Executive Producer Bill Levenson told HTN’s Brian Robbins, fans of the Allman Brothers original line-up have received a wonderful gift; fourteen unreleased tracks of music from the best ever. Bill shares what went into the compilation of The 1971 Fillmore East Recordings, and it’s a story comparable to the timeless music. Read the complete Editor's Notes here.

 Tommy Talton – Until After Then - New studio CD Released October 28th  

We think Tommy Talton has written some of the best music of his career on this upcoming release. He is at his finest when reflecting on life, love and social issues. As a wordsmith his lyrics are as timeless as the melodies he creates. As a guitarist he has an exquisite sound that is totally his own. While many of his songs go deep and are reflective, he is not above bawdy humor on occasion. Listen to the lyrics well and you will pick up on some of the cleverness that is ever present but usually understated.

The 11 original songs on this album are each unique - different time signatures, different keys, different genres of musical styles - but they all have that down home Talton sound. It's a real pleasure listening to Tommy's excursions - from his home base of Southern roots music to Sgt. Pepperish Beatles to country into raw, Zeppelin type surf music (did I just write that? What until you hear this surprising tune!) - these songs are wonderful gifts to be enjoyed time and again. Classic Talton!

All pre-orders will receive a very special extra download on the Release Date. Please visit this link to hear a complete streaming track for free and for more info!

 HTN Feature - Ian McLagan: A Rock ’n’ Roll Legend With the Greatest of Smiles  

For many, their mental image of Ian “Mac” McLagan is the impish rogue behind the keyboards for the Faces, cigarette dangling from his lips and a glass of spirits always within reach. But Ian McLagan has made some amazing contributions to the soundtrack of our world since the Faces’ breakup in 1975. He’s toured with the Rolling Stones and sat in with the Black Crowes; his session work is multi-generational, working with artists as varied as Bob Dylan, Joe Cocker, Chuck Berry, Bruce Springsteen, Taj Mahal, Izzy Stradlin, Melissa Etheridge, John Meyer, Warren Haynes, Frank Black, Bonnie Raitt...the list goes on and on. And in amongst it all McLagan has recorded a string of solo albums that showcase his talents as frontman and vocalist, along with a keyboard style that is as at home with a reggae groove as it is with a barroom romp.

Though Mac’s smile is almost as well-known as his music, his story has a tragic side. In 2006, he lost his wife of twenty-eight years, Kim, to a car accident close to their home in Austin, TX. Shaken by the loss of the love of his life, McLagan chose to wrap himself up in music, both collaborating with others (his piano on “Save Me,” the final track on Warren Haynes’ 2011 Man In Motion album, is particularly soul-wrenching) and leading his Austin-based Bump Band, which includes guitarist “Scrappy” Jud Newcomb, bassist Jin Notarthomas and drummer Conrad Choucroun. 2014 saw the release of United States, a ten-track studio album that captures McLagan and the Bump Band at their best, brilliantly formation-flying while keeping it loose as a goose. We had a chance to talk with Mac about the making of United States – covering everything from piano vs. guitar as a writing tool to what Rembrandt was missing all along.

And when you talk with Ian McLagan, you laugh. A lot. Because he laughs. A lot. And it doesn’t matter that Mac’s a rock ’n’ roll legend: he still calls it a “pianna.” Click here to read the entire article.

Allman Brothers Band
45th Anniversary
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Allman Brothers Band
45th Anniversary
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